History of the Aryan Brotherhood

I chose to focus on the History of the Aryan Brotherhood which is a white supremacy prison gang. Prior to the 1960’s most prisons were segregated, however as institutions became desegregated gangs were formed along racial lines. It is generally accepted that the Aryan Brotherhood was formed by a group of Irish Bikers around the year 1964 at San Quentin Maximum Security State Prison. The gang was formed in response to the formation of an all African American gang named The Black Guerrilla Family. The Aryan Brotherhood main focus from the 1960’s to the 1990’s was murdering, beating, and harassing any non white prison member.However, in the 1990’s the gang began to change their focus from racial hate, to drug trafficking, prostitution, and organized murders. Soon they were controlling prison’s much like the Italian Mafia ran Chicago and New York. Aryan Brother members were being hired by other prisoners to attack and kill their enemies within the prison. Prison authorities have tried relentlessly to stop the Aryan Brotherhood, mainly by attempting to have them euthanized. However, since nearly all of the AB’s members are already serving life sentences without parole thus making it economically in-viable. Today the Aryan Brotherhood maintains around 19,000 members in and outside of prison and are responsible for 21% of all prison murders.

Their mantra is “”An Aryan brother is without a care, He walks where the weak and heartless won’t dare. For an Aryan brother, death holds no fear, Vengeance will be his, through his brothers still here.”

Information gathered from: http://prisonoffenders.com/aryan_brotherhood.html



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