Forums Concerning White Power Prison Gangs


After doing some intensive research I was able to come across a forum that was created by the wife of a white nationalist inmate currently involved in the Aryan Brotherhood. What I found while reading her blog was that the majority of posters are behind the actions of the AB (Aryan Brotherhood). However, throughout all of the posts almost every individual refused to associate the brotherhood with the term “gang”. Instead they viewed these inmates as a strong branch of the White Nationalist movement, and regarded those serving time and staying loyal to the cause as a sort of hero. For example one poster wrote “there are a lot of misconceptions about the brotherhood. True there is some violence involved, but not freely. True members do not go around beating the crap out of people for no reason. It’s actually very political, and a lot of it is business. It’s about white folks sticking together in a place where they are considered the minority.” This poster believes that the AB is not a gang and that they do not beat up minorities freely. This statement alone is incredibly contradictory and it seems to me that he/she is attempting to validate the actions taken by the brotherhood. This poster also feels that there is only “some” violence, when in fact the Aryan Brotherhood accounts for 21% of all in prison murders of minorities. It appears to me that white nationalists have a strong tide with the brotherhood and simply ignore the brutal facts of violence that this gang commits. Instead they believe that these inmates are simply protecting the white race and feel that violence is necessary in certain situations and are happy they have the brotherhood to do it. Nowhere in the forum did i find a negative image of the Brotherhood displayed and all questions about violence and drug running were answered with the same mantra ” You don’t ask to join, and you don’t talk about rank or business. Love, Loyalty, and Respect.” White Nationalists seem to phase out any violent images of the “gang” however take a look at the first  image and try to tell me that this Aryan Brotherhood member does not look as though he is violent. Or the second image that shows an inmate who was recently involved in prison fight that took place in San Quentin Correctional facility.  It appears that there is violence and just because some nationalist choose to ignore it, does not mean that it is not there. In conclusion it appears that White nationalists take pride in their brothers in prison and either justify or deny any violence attributed to the “gang”.



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I am making this blog for my white power ideologies ces 444 class
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