Blog #4 How does racial purity tie into white supremacist prison gangs

Two white supremacist prison gangs that I chose to focus on for this blog post are the Aryan Brotherhood and their affiliates the Nazi Low riders. Both of these gangs are dedicated to protecting white prison members from other racial gangs. The Aryan Brotherhood specifically attacks black gangs and currently has a truce with the Mexican Mafia as they are partners in a huge drug trafficking circle in the American Southwest.  First we will focus on the Aryan Brotherhood or AB, although the gang prides itself on secrecy they all promote one section of their creed which states “The prison gang was created as a way to protect white inmates from predatory black inmates” (  The members of the gang show their love for the purpose of their brotherhood by committing horribly violent murders, usually pertaining to other black men, and in the early years of the gang Jewish men as well, for they are considered by white supremacists as the root of all evil. An example of one of these attacks occurred  “on May 20, 1979, Barry “The Barron” Mills lures inmate John Sherman Marzloff (a Jewish inmate) into a bathroom stall at the United States penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia and nearly curs his head of” (   However as the gang evolved they began to accept those that looked white to increase numbers and only targeted other races. Take a look at this “On May 14, 1985, Aryan Brotherhood member Robert Earl O’Neal brutally murders his black cell mate, Arthur Dade, in the Missouri State Penitentiary” ( The A/B is a racial based gang and incorporates the ideals of racial purity into their creed and the murders they choose to take place in. A more recent example of how the AB prides themselves for being a gang that is meant to eliminate racial threats occurred in “1997, [when] Aryan Brotherhood leaders Barry Mills and T.D. Bingham order a race war on the DC Blacks prison gang at the Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. 2 black inmates are brutally murdered and 7 are seriously injured” ( This was when the AB started to gain national popularity and were labeled as one of the top 10 most dangerous racial prison gangs in the United States as shown by the video . By the violent acts directed at other races it is clear that racial purity is the back of every member of the Aryan Brotherhood’s mind. Additionally this video shows how members of the AB separate themselves from all other races within the confines of the prison.

Another gang that is just as entrenched in racial purity as the Aryan Brotherhood is the Nazi Low Riders or the NLR. The Nazi Low Riders according to the ADL website members of the “NLR champions its whiteness especially when recruiting members from skinhead gangs and…NLR members have been responsible for a number of fierce racist attacks during the past decade.” ( Additionally in order to become a member, a person must understand that “the two essential requirements for membership are proven criminality and loyalty to the white race” (  The NLR is mostly filled with younger members ages 18-25 all of which believe that the white race is the greatest race on earth and that all other races are parasites that do not deserve the gift of life. There are multiple examples of racial based murders that have been connected to the NLR. For example, “In April 1996, for example, in Lancaster, California, NLR members Danny Williams and Eric Dillard used a baseball bat to beat a black teenager. The Los Angeles Times reported that Williams was apparently on a mission to “rid the streets of Lancaster of African Americans” ( Another example of racial based violence occurred in 1999, [when}] NLR member Ritch Bryant was sentenced to life in prison for his involvement in the stabbing death of Milton Walker Jr., a homeless black man. Bryant, who said that Walker “got what he deserved,” hoped to gain status within the gang by committing the murder.” ( Members of the NLR tend to focus their “anger on blacks. So-called “race traitors” [and] those in interracial relationships or who demonstrate an affinity for what members consider to be black culture — have also been targeted, as have Jews, Asians and other minorities.” ((

Clearly, members of these two white power prison groups have agendas that involve eliminating members of other races. But if these stories don’t convince you just take a look at what members of the two gangs choose to “ink” themselves with.


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