Post #6 Video reflecting White Nationlist Prison Gangs

The video that I found relating to the topic of white nationalist prison gangs is a reporting piece entitled “Race War in Prison”.  The video states that the first types of prison gangs based upon racial lines were at Pelican Bay and were The Black Guerilla Family, The Mexican Mafia, and the The Aryan Brotherhood. The reason behind the formation of these gangs follows along with themes presented in White Man Falling.  It is not so much that each race goes into prison with a tremendous amount of hate for others (although some do), but instead join into gangs to find a sense of community and safety. Outside of the prison walls it is common to see white nationalists groups recruiting misfits and those who were cast out of “normal society”, and that are left alone in a dangerous world.  The recruiting process is similar inside the confines of penitentiaries, all of the inmates are already misfits cast out, and they realize very quickly that if they do not associate with a gang then their death is certain.

Another theme from class that relates to this video besides the similarities in the type of men that are recruited into white nationalist groups and gangs, has to do with a sense of belonging.  At the very beginning of the video a prison guard states that if they do not associate themselves with a gang or group the inmates are considered lone wolfs and as such are easy targets. Lone wolfs, both in or outside of prison share the same low chance of survival.  As the video progresses a group of white men show the reporter (with a certain sense of pride I might add) the multiple stab wounds they have received while serving their time with the prison walls. These are men that are associated with a white prison gang and yet they still bare disturbing scars, one could only imagine what an inmate with no allies would look like.

Late in the video during a personal interview, one of the inmates states that inside the prison the different races are more like separate countries, and that “sometimes you’re the big country and sometimes you’re the little country, but you never want to be the little country”. The inmate also states that he does not believe that are specific men are the target of the violent warfare that is conducted inside of prisons. This is very common amongst extremist groups that exist outside of prison as well. As we have seen from the literature provided in class and the rhetoric of white nationalist groups that they view other races as insects and not deserving of life.  Whether these groups exist inside or outside of prison they both believe that they are not killing other humans but exterminating beasts. To me it seems anyway, that the prison gangs inside of prison are doing exactly what the leaders of the groups outside of are preaching, extreme violence and the perjury of lesser races.


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