Blog #11 Extra Credit Blog about Jef Hall

A couple of weeks ago I was surfing through the channels when I came across an interesting story on the popular television show 60 Minutes. The headline was “Neo-Nazi party leader shot to death by 10 yr old son”. The first thought that came to my mind was “wow huge surprise” but regardless I decided to watch the program in order to find out the intricate details of this occurrence.

To begin, the man who was killed is named Jeff Hall is a leading member of the Neo-Nazi party in southern California who is steeped in the beliefs of the party. Mr. Hall has been quoted stating “I want a white society, I believe in secession. I believe in giving my life for secession”. Ironically enough Mr. Hall got to prove his promise.  Mr. Hall was also an active member of a militia band of boarder watchers and often brought his ten year old son to meetings and stakeouts.

Pictured above is Mr. Hall showing a new group of boarder watchers how to quickly pull a knife out of ones pants in case they run out of ammunition. In the 60 minutes program his wife stated that their son would come home rifle in hand and speaking without fear about killing immigrants. Apparently, immigrants weren’t the only people he planned on killing. At roughly 4:00 A.M. on may 1st the paramedics responded to call that Mr. Hall’s 10 year  old son had put his fathers handgun to his head while he slept and blew his brains out.

The first thought that comes to mind when a murder is committed by someone so young, is that it must have been accidental. However, this does not seem to be the case in this situation. When the police asked the son if he knew what he was doing he calmly responded “Yes, I took off the safety, cocked the gun, and pulled the trigger”. Apparently he took daddy’s lesson on loading a gun to heart. This murder does not come as a surprise to me, the father was often seen bringing all of his young and impressionable children to rallies across California. According to the New York Times, the day before Mr. Hall was shot he was preaching about killing each and every immigrant that reached the boarder in order to prevent their diseased AIDS filled blood from spreading into America. Oh, by the way his son was in the front row happy as a clam. Hmm, I wonder where his child go the idea to kill another person. To be honest I am surprised this didnt happen earlier, the man has literally brought his son up on the ideals of violence, murder and hatred, how would you not expect his son to be a psychopath.

Currently the boy is awaiting trial where he will be tried as a juvenile on the count of murder in the first degree. If he is convicted he is looking at life in prison, the first 8 years of which will be in juvenile hall and the remaining in a state penitentiary. Lesson: DON’T TEACH YOUR KIDS HOW TO KILL AND THAT KILLING IS JUSTIFIABLE.


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