Blog #8 Southern Poverty Law Center and Prison Gangs

One organization that fights to combat the spread of white nationalist rhetoric in and outside of the American justice system is the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Although the Southern Poverty Law Center does not focus specifically on white nationalist prison gangs it deals with minority groups and how white nationalists affect them. This is similar to what is occurring inside of penitentiaries, minorities are bonding together and forming gangs in order to battle other racially based gangs.

Before we continue here is a brief history of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Morris Dees and Joseph Levin, who created the center to combat civil rights legal issues, started the foundation in 1971. The Southern Poverty Law center has since grown to become a nationally recognized center that combats the spread of white supremacist groups and provides crucial information concerning such groups to the government.  The Southern Poverty Law Center still provides representation for hate crime victims and those that are affected by crime as a result of biological traits out of their control.

The reason that the Southern Poverty Law Center is the organization I decided to write about has to do with cases this organization associates them with. I believe that penitentiaries today are so violent because they are so over crowded. The reason that I believe penitentiaries are so crowded is because the impoverished inmates are unable to afford proper representation.  This is why the Southern Poverty Law Center is connected to prison gangs, through their efforts they are able to provide well educated lawyers to those who would usually be unable to afford one. By giving these impoverished arrestees lawyers they are lessening the chance that the arrestees go to prison where they would most likely join a gang based on their race. While this might sound like a big assumption, the Southern Poverty Law Center specifically deals with minorities who are affected by hate crimes, as such it is reasonable to assume that these arrestees are going to act vengeful against the race that attacked them.  Therefore the more inmates that have been a victim of hate crimes are kept out of prison the less that prison gangs based on race will grow.

One suggestion that I would have for the Southern Poverty Law Center would be to reach out and help all races that are victims of hate crimes. Although it does not happen nearly as much white people can be victims of hate crimes just like any other race. Especially,  with the economy, more and more of middle America are dipping down into the depths of poverty.


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